Trophy Trout Fishing


Trophy Trout Guiding is your opporutnity to catch the fish of a lifetime.  Over the last 20 years more and more public fly fishing water is being lost to development.  Often you are fishing 50 feet away from other anglers - and waiting hours for your chance at a deep run.

Trophy water is not a 'trout pond' and you are not casting to a bunch of 'stockers.'  Trophy water is a private stream where access to the water is controlled.  The water is maintained by a river keeper and the trout are allowed to grow, reproduce and flourish - as was the case 50 years ago.

You will have the opportunity to cast to 24 - 28 inch fish, we have seen 18 pound rainbows come out of some sections of water.  Most fish caught are 18 - 20 inches and 40 fish days are not only possible but common.  Is most cases your group will be the only group on the river, up to 2 miles of water at your disposal.

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We have fished all over the United States, from Colorado to Alaska, Montana and up and down the east coast.  The trophy water we have in the south east is as good if not better than these other locations.

Our guides are veterans at guiding on trophy trout streams.  Access to trophy water is limited and requires a reservation.  Call us today for a free stream report and to inquire about how to make your trip of a lifetime happen.

Trophy Trout can be finiky, and landing a big fish on light tippet is an amazing experience.  Catching a 24 inch rainbow or brown on 4x is amazing.  These fish did not get big by accident - casting, catching and landing takes precision and experience.  Our guides can help you hook and net your fish of a lifetime.


Typical Day on the River

We aim to be on the river 6-7 hours at a minimum.  We will leave Charlotte, depending on the time of year to maximize our fishing time.

We eat breakfast on the way and fish for 3 - 4 hours before a stream side lunch.  We will then fish another 3-4 hours and head back to Charlotte. Depending on the time of the year will will arrive back in Charlotte between 7 and 9 pm.

Transportation, breakfast, lunch, all flies and terminal tackle are included.  Bring what you want, but we have waders, rods and reels for you to use.

Call Sonny for a Stream Report and Scheduling